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Road Construction

We have an established reputation.
We provide excellent workmanship.
High quality finishing.
Do our best to match deadlines.
We have a wealth of experience, with past projects including some major industrial projects.
Health and safety is very important.
Professional approach to work ensures no compromises between quality and safety.

Road Resurfacing

Experts on the surfaces you drive every day: including repair jobs on rural roads.

Working independently or alongside other civil engineering contractors, we adhere to strict management timelines, liaising closely with the client throughout the development, completing all road surfacing contracts on time, within budget.

We provide a comprehensive range of road surfacing solutions to industrial, commercial and residential customers.


We welcome projects such as car parks, long driveways, outdoor sports courts including the asphalt, and other asphalt related materials.

  • Road Surfacing
  • Bitumen Sealing
  • Asphalt

Two coat bitumen sealing is one of the more exclusive services that we carry out.
We ensure that correct preparation is always carried out before applying any seal coating materials to your asphalt.
We use only the highest quality seal coating products.

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“George Sealtek laid down our long battle-axe driveway at a very good price. It was done very quickly with the best quality work. I would recommend this company to all who are requiring this type of work.”

Heike Gegner